Tips for Parents

Sending your child to camp for the first time? You’ve got this.

We understand that you and your camper might be a little nervous about being away from each other. Here are some ways you can help your first-time camper prepare:

  • Camp is like a family, and campers live and experience Watia through their cabin unit. Cabins are determined by grade/gender and are led by passionate and caring role models.
  • Go over the schedule, packing list, and camper forms together.
  • Reassure them that their nervousness, anxiety, and/or excitement is completely normal and that you are proud of them for trying something new.
  • Explain homesickness and reassure them again that things will be OK and that you are proud of them. Homesickness is a normal part of growing up and being away from home, and is common at camp. 
  • Our staff are well trained to help support campers during the week and help guide them through any tough times.
  • Have them create a list of any questions that will help them understand their experience. Feel free to send us that list.
  • Explain sleeping and shower arrangements.
  • Cabins are bunk bed style and there can be 10-14 kids in a cabin.
  • Campers help clean up the cabin, make their bed, and keep their belongings organized.
  • Showers and bathroom stalls have private changing areas and stall doors. Campers are encouraged to shower daily because of all the fun we have during the day!
  • Campers staying for back-to-back sessions will be able to do laundry on the weekends so you don’t have to pack as much.
  • Write to your camper while at camp. You can even bring letters at check-in and mark on the envelope what day you want the letter/package delivered. Drop off your letters at the camp store.
  • Campers are required to leave their electronic devices at home but can receive one-way emails through our parent email system at [email protected].

Forms and documents

  • Login to your CampInTouch account to complete health forms.
  • Please upload a recent photo of your child to their account.
  • Packing lists for traditional camp and teen leadership programs 
  • Watia Adventure Travel Trips packing list 

More questions?

We want our campers and parents to have an enjoyable and smooth experience with YMCA Camp Watia. If you have more questions, please see our FAQ, email us or call 828-209-9600.



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