Road Shows


We’d like to invite you to share your passion for YMCA Camp Watia with your friends and family by hosting a Watia Road Show. A Watia Road Show is an informal, hour-long get-together that includes a brief presentation from a camp staffer, screening of a short camp video, a Q&A session, and fun giveaways. It’s a way for families to get familiar with YMCA Camp Watia and ask questions about the day-to day-experience of overnight camp.

New families that sign up at the event will save $100 per child. And as a thank you for hosting a Watia Road Show, we’ll give you $100 off registration for each of your children! To make the most of the evening, we ask that at least five families attend.

We’ve found that many families who have not experienced overnight camp have an easier time “taking the leap” and understanding the value of camp if they learn about it firsthand from current camp families. Word of mouth is the best way to build excitement about all the great things that YMCA Camp Watia has to offer. We hope you’ll consider opening your home to help us spread the word.

To host an event or learn more, please feel free to contact Ryan Hove at [email protected] or by phone at 828-209-9600.